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“A focus on college readiness alone does not equip young people with all of the skills and abilities they will need in the workplace, or to successfully complete the transition from adolescence to adulthood.”


--Pathways to Prosperity – Harvard Graduate School of Education, February 2011

Students will be encouraged to discover early on what they value and their passions and then explore future careers through this discovery process.  Students will develop an understanding of how Education impacts their future, their career, as they apply their knowledge in real time experiences.

As an approved Educational Improvement Organization (EIO), ASPIRE will launch the ASPIRE-2-BE initiative.  ASPIRE-2-BE will serve as the regional conduit for EITC resources, providing career related activities to school districts within the Intermediate Units 18 & 19 designation. 


As an organizing unit, ASPIRE-2-BE will work with existing EIO’s within the northeast region, providing a service of connectivity to existing quality programming.  Through full collaboration with the approved EIO, Northeast Pennsylvania Junior Achievement, ASPIRE-2-BE will focus efforts on the promotion and assistance of increasing participation in the following programs; Read More...

Benefits & Possibilities:


For Students / Participants:

  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Respect

  • Skills, Professional Behavior & Attitude

  • Brighter Future & Fulfillment in Life

  • Coaching & Training for Being Effective and Productive

  • Influencing Other Kids & Young Adults to this Possibility


For Employers / Supporters:

  • Invest in Skilled Future Employees

  • Improve Business Etiquette & Distinction    

  • Trained to Your Specifications

  • Use Your New Skilled Employees to Fill Future Positions

  • Tax Credits & No Training Costs


For School / Educators:

  • We provide Aptitude, Skills & Trainability Testing

  • Saving Time, Funds & Personnel

  • Creating Opportunities for Students to go to College

  • Creating Opportunities for Students Directly go to Work Force

  • Enhancing School Etiquette & Prestige


For Community / Society:

  • Better Educated Young Adults

  • Better Skilled Young Adults

  • Youth Who are Interested in Their Futures

  • Youth Who Have Found Their Passion in Their Profession

  • More Synchronized with Family and Community

  • Productive Citizens, Less Crime, Enhancing Life


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