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ASPIRE’s Workshops & Seminars empower participants by promoting new ways of thinking. You will learn advanced, honest, effective communication approaches that will free you up, increase your ability to relate to others, and produce unprecedented, positive results.  At the same time, we help steer you away from old approaches that no longer move you toward your personal and professional goals and vision.  

How they work?


These seminars introduce transformational approaches to living in general, as well as technology and strategic planning processes that will improve your performance in leadership, sales, productivity, and relationships.

Our seminars last from three to eight hours, depending on the material.
A seminar can be one session and one topic or cover up to four to eight topics over one to two days.


After the seminar, we can conduct follow-up sessions to help maintain your new practices and improve your results. These sessions will help you apply your new skills on the job and in your personal life.

Available Topics


  • Effective Comunication

  • Shifting From Self To Service

  • How To Create Balalnce In Life

  • Personal Effectivness

  • Internal Chatter

  • Causing Wounders

  • The Brighter Side of Selling

  • Potholes In The HWY of Love

  • Disciplines of Success

  • Actions To Succeed

  • What Makes a Great Team

  • The Power of Belief

  • Fulfillment Cycle

  • Creaing Schedule

  • Phases of Mastery

  • Mastery of Time

  • Creating Values and Vision

  • Living Effectivley



  • Infuses values and vision into life and business

  • Empowers team members and customers

  • Builds accountability and loyalty

  • Teaches business leadership

  • Builds and sustains a solid team

  • Promotes leadership by example instead of demand

  • Conveys fundamental practices for success in a service business

  • Builds a firm foundation for workability

  • Promotes action

  • Establishes disciplines for personal and career success

  • Boosts productivity

  • Creates accountability

  • Coaches desired behaviors


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