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This program is for honest, courageous and committed people who believe in a possibility for their lives that is larger than their resignation, people who are willing to look at themselves and demand more. You will foster honest and effective communication that makes a difference with your family, friends and others.


You will have access to effectively producing results in relating to others, work and career, finance, health and vitality and following your dreams.


Individual coaching provides a clear understanding of your life values and vision and demonstrate a higher level of self-expression.

How it works


This program consists of four parts and each part is designed to prepare you for the next level. Each level will bring you to a whole new way of thinking and participating in your life and how you operate. 


We engage in a rigorous conversation for empowering you in fulfilling your commitments and bringing forth your effectiveness in communicating with others. You also become related to the reality of your situation and resolve personal issues.  We follow each of these conversations by a series of electronic communications and “fine tuning” coaching between sessions. 


 The Basic (Relating to the reality of your world) 

     12 hours – 3 to 3-1/2 months program - 1 call a week


 Advanced (Inventing your vision & planning it)
     12 hours – 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 months program - 1 call a week


 Masters – I (Creating & building your mastery)
     12 hours – 6 months program - 2 calls a month


 Masters – II (Maintaining your mastery & power)
     12 hours – 12 months program - 1 call a month



  • Communicate without resistance.

  • Move strategy into reality.

  • Shift attitudes from apathy to ownership.

  • Gain higher self-confidence and personal effectiveness in achieving your dreams.

  • Shift the mindset from problems to solutions.

  • Train to focus on and achieve your purpose and goals.

  • Have a clear and workable structure for fulfilling your purpose, vision and goals.

  • Invent and design a higher personal responsibility and commitment to your life and your relationships.

  • Understand your operational behaviors and reduce stress and resentment.

  • Create and invent a new set of operational practices that allow you to pursue your goals and be effective.


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