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The mentorship program was developed for committed young adults.  This program is designed to provide participants with a personal mentor and coach who will guide and support them in their specific areas of interest.


Together we will examine:

  • Goals

  • Visions

  • Core beliefs

  • The personal realities that determine your life's direction

  • How best to produce results 


Out of our work together, participants will be guided in building the structure, support and actions that will creat the results desired.

How it works

Designed specifically for the crowded life of young adults, our Mentorship Program consists of one year of one-on-one mentorship conversations.  Participants will have 2-1 hour sessions a month for a total of 24 sessions. During this process participants and mentors will identify and distinguish personal and career values, and create a vision for the future that will be both exciting and full of free expression.


Mentors will guide participants to clarity, focus, and velocity in the areas of interest.  Participants will be supported to perform with greater responsibility, accountability, and commitment resulting in results concieved.


 The Basic (Relating to the reality of your world) 
     And The Advance (Inventing your vision & planning it)
     24 hours – 12 months program - 2 call a month


 Masters – I (Creating & building your mastery)
    And Masters – II (Maintaining your mastery & power)
    24 hours – 12 months program - 2 call a month



  • Work one-on-one with top-producers, business people, and successful coaches and mentors.

  • Put your values, visions, and core beliefs to work for you in breakthrough capacities.

  • Design your future and begin to take action in that design.

  • Learn what communication barriers you have and transform these barriers into powerful tools for inspiration and fulfillment.

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness in producing results and increase velocity in achieving your goals.

  • Inspire passion and excitement in yourself and those around you.

  • Train yourself to generate and impact your own future success.

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